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  • Toli Galanis
  • Alexis Krase
  • Akshay Jain
  • Andre Henry
  • Emily McFarlan
  • Kaitlin Jessing-Butz
  • Kat Ocampo
  • Lauren Dzura
  • Patrick Akhidenor
  • Trisha Chang
  • Sami Osman
  • Sara Williams
  • Vanessa Fica
  • Will McLean
  • Renee Alfuso
  • Briana Mowrey
  • Apostolia Pentogenis
  • K. Paul Mallasch
  • Michael W. Andersen
  • Jay Rosen


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Click here for the full results. According to our calculations, only 14 newspapers in the top 100 have no blogs on the site. The most? (Star-Ledger), Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Cleveland Plain-Dealer, Post-Standard in Syracuse, and San Jose Mercury News.

We tried to be as accurate as possible, but it’s not always easy to find the blogs at a newspaper site. Be kind: E-mail us if you see errors or have fixes. Or use the comments.

"Facts About..." is the work of Trisha Chang, who designed and researched it, and stayed up all night creating the html; Kat Ocampo and Kaitlin Jessing-Butz, who edited and fact-checked the results; with Alexis Krase, Toli Galanis and Sara Williams, who helped review newspaper sites.

Comments (5)

the NYT has a few other blogs under its timesselect umbrella. do you not count these because they’re not free?

Houston has it right. It’s some linking local bloggers. Bravo. Most newspapers treat the local blogging community as potential competitors, not readers.

Most of the 40-odd links in are from local/regional writers. Only five or six, depending on how you count them, are from staff.

It’s an interesting list; why not make it sortable?

BRAVO BLUE PLATE SPECIAL EDITORIAL TEAM! What a tremendous chart! It has enriched my life!