Lecture: David Bornstein


David Bornstein. Photo: Laurel Angrist. © 2007 Laurel Angrist.

David Bornstein loves fresh ideas — especially if they solve difficult social problems. But so far, he says, social entrepreneurship has flown below the mainstream-media radar.

Bornstein, who spoke at NYU's journalism department on April 18, 2007, was one of the first journalists to start writing about social entrepreneurship. In the media's failure to cover the field, he sees a big opportunity. "The dot-org boom is bigger than the dot-com boom," Bornstein said. "And the media has failed to notice so far."

Bornstein worked as a beat journalist for years before stumbling upon the burgeoning world of social entrepreneurship. He received his master's degree in journalism from NYU in 1989 and then took a job at Newsday in New...

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David Bornstein