About Us

NYC Values is a project designed and produced entirely by graduate students from NYU’s graduate Studio 20 program. Inspired by Ted Cruz’s claim that Donald Trump has “New York values,” during the Fox Business GOP Debate, we set out to discover what defines the city. But don’t take our word for it. Look into the lives of New York locals and tell us the values you think they represent.

Kim Bode Video Producer/Project Manager

Produced “The Bohemian” and assisted with management. Values NYC’s people and the skyline.

Fernanda Braune Video Producer

Produced “The Speakers” and assisted with social. Values New York’s perseverance in difficult times.

Igor Carrasco Developer/360 Designer

Developed the site and the 360º menu experience. Values pizza and Seinfeld.

Karissa Gall Video Producer

Produced “The Boy Queen” and contributed to “The Responders.” Values your votes! (And puppies.)

Eric Ramirez Project Manager/Social

Lead management, social strategy, and wrote copy. Values subway musicians and unexpected moments.

Eva Revear Developer/Designer

Developed the site, including “The Speakers.” Values the constant adventure and 24-hour everything.

Steeve Roso 360 Designer/Sound Design

Developed 360º menu. If he wishes to make an apple pie from scratch, he must first invent the universe.

Feli Sanchez Developer/Designer

Developed the site. Values peanut butter ice cream and spending sunny days at Prospect Park.

Nadeen Shaker Video Producer

Produced “The Advocate,” contributed to “The Bohemian” and social. Values humans of the world.

Hanna Wallis Video Producer

Produced “The City Kid” and contributed to “The Speakers”. Values strangers, flights to Latin America.

Yifeng Jiang Video Producer

Produced “The Responders” and contributed to “The Speakers”. Values 360º rigs and bars in East Village.

Qifan Zhang Video Producer

Assisted in editing and Produced “The Advocate.” He is a Kopite and values almost everything but MTA.

Josh Davis Instructor

Instructed video production, organized 360 workshops, and kept the project on track. Values burritos, Mountain Dew and bourbon.

Sisi Wei Technical Advisor

Assisted designers and developers from coding to user experience. Values Broadway and all the craziness that comes with it.