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    Alexander Imparato Cotton
    Health Issues Reporter and Writer
    New York 09.22.010
    Special Project Work
    Culture and Health
    by Alexander Imparato Cotton
    Culture is intimately bound with health. One of the main goals of public health research is to uncover and explain health disparities between different cultural or ethnic groups. It is well known, for example, that blacks and second generation Latinos fare worse than whites with regard to heart disease, various cancers, HIV, and obesity. At the same time, first generation immigrants largely have better health than non-immigrant, white Americans. Additionally, some cultural practices ascribed to by gay men place them at heightened risk for HIV. Medical and social scientists collect data to try and tease out the causes of these disparities. The debate is often contentious, and explanations range from differences in health insurance access, to varying genetic susceptibilities, to different cultural practices or environments.

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