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    Some basic info:
    My blog, global AIDS, development and travel: a luta continua
    My resume

    Selected Clips:
    Global AIDS:
    Poz Magazine: Jagged Little Pills
    Brooklyn Rail: New HIV Testing Guidelines: Don't Ask, Don't Tell
    Gay City News: Toronto AIDS Conference Targets Bush
    Gay City News: AIDS Protests at the United Nations
    Poz Magazine: Bill and George in Toronto
    Poz Magazine: HIV Testing in Botswana
    Slate: Fighting AIDS in Mozambique
    The New Republic: Wrong Dose: Bush's Drug Plan
    Salon: Big Pharma's Free Ride

    From Congressional Quarterly:
    CQ Budget Tracker sample (pdf)
    Politics and Profiles(pdf)

    Criticism and Other Writing
    Econo: Myths to Hold Steady By
    PopMatters: Viva Los Elvises
    Econo: Expiration Dates: A pre-Katrina tour of the Delta (part 1 of 3)
    The New Republic: Politics and Film

    Time Magazine: What Now For Our Feverish Planet?
    Time Magazine: Running from the G.O.P. in New Jersey
    Time Magazine: Ghana's New Money

    My interest in AIDS comes from a 2005 International Reporting Project fellowship that sent me to Mozambique. There, I reported on how President Bush's global AIDS plan was working on the ground.

    The idea to go to Mozambique came from four years as a reporter and editor at Congressional Quarterly in Washington DC. At CQ, I covered the federal budget and appropriations, House and Senate leadership, campaigns and campaign finance, energy and agriculture. I served as a news editor, layout person, Web producer and managing editor of CQ's Budget Tracker.

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