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    Sabine Heinlein
    New York City 09.22.010
    Workless in New York
    by Sabine Heinlein
    I am interested in the routines one faces or establishes for oneself without work, how one handles a workless life.
    The individual example of a complex and fragmented narrative, fitted into the bigger context of worklessness, informs us about our society at large. What do slackers do all day long, how do they survive and why do they not want to work? What is New York's institutionalized support system for ex-offenders and what other support systems are there?

    Richard Sennett speaks about the conflicts people encounter in a society of fragmentation, flexibility and flux, and the difficulty of forming "sustained narratives." With Sennett's survey in mind I report and write about what the "narratives" � the glue that holds life together � are for the workless.
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