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    Pragmatic Utopia

    Why people reject mainstream American culture is an open question. But whether for moral, social or political reasons this is an American tradition. From Joseph Smith to Henry Thoreau to the communes of the 60s Americans have never ceased in their search for another way to live. How utopian communities succeed is another question. Once they have separated themselves, how do they live up to their ideals? What kind of compromises do they have to make in order to survive? And in making such choices how much is lost? These and other dilemmas are amplified in a place like New York City where the main stream is never far away.

    To see my photos go to:

    Since graduation I have been working for the Salt Lake City Weekly as a staff writer. I ran around Utah for much of 2007 writing about power plants, coyotes and coal mines.

    Currently I am headed through Mexico to Central America where I plan to write about the region for American newspapers.

    Here is a link to my weblog about my trip south: My weblog

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