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    Urban Life

    Labor in the Margins
    by Tim Stelloh
    As a portfolio student, I wrote about working in New York City's margins. As a freelancer, I've covered everything from gun violence and presidential politics in El Salvador to biking down the California Coast.

    New York, Open City: Contesting the Commons
    by Matt Frassica
    What kinds of functions do public places serve? In what ways does the design of public spaces determine the kinds of things that go on inside them? How do planners (architects, landscape designers, urban planners, city officials) create spaces that promote certain social functions over others, and privilege certain users over others? What are the consequences, intended and unintended, of these design decisions? What happens when public spaces become contested spaces - when competing claims of tradition, memory, and financial interest get hashed out through design?
    Please see my clips for current work.

    Feeding the Metropolis
    by Nadia Arumugam
    My portfolio is about the logistics, systems and processes that operate day in and day out to keep a city of over eight million people fed. Restaurants, greenmarkets, supermarkets, gourmet delis, street carts and soup kitchens; as New Yorkers we are constantly and consistently surrounded by food. I want to explore where all this food comes from? Where are the sources of the raw materials? How and where is all the food made? And I'm interested in the personalities behind this industry, in their stories and unique histories.

    New York as an Idea Factory
    by Conor Renier Friedersdorf
    Ideas are the life blood of New York City. This portfolio is an exploration of a few.

    Workless in New York
    by Sabine Heinlein
    I am interested in the routines one faces or establishes for oneself without work, how one handles a workless life.
    The individual example of a complex and fragmented narrative, fitted into the bigger context of worklessness, informs us about our society at large. What do slackers do all day long, how do they survive and why do they not want to work? What is New York's institutionalized support system for ex-offenders and what other support systems are there?

    Richard Sennett speaks about the conflicts people encounter in a society of fragmentation, flexibility and flux, and the difficulty of forming "sustained narratives." With Sennett's survey in mind I report and write about what the "narratives" � the glue that holds life together � are for the workless.

    Women in Underground Music
    by Gillian Reagan

    Money, Money, Money
    by Aleksandra Todorova
    Two weeks after graduating from NYU's Magazine Journalism program--with an exhausting but memorable semester in Portfolio--I started work as a reporter at, a Dow Jones publication affiliated with SmartMoney Magazine and the Wall Street Journal. I report on a variety of personal finance topics, including debt management and identity theft, and write an advice column, service pieces and investigative stories.

    During my semester in the Portfolio program, I wrote about illegal immigrants in post-911 New York City.