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    The Extreme Self
    by Katie Drummond
    I envision my Portfolio as a collection of features, profiles and reported research that examine the outer reaches of health and the pursuit of a better self. New York has long been a breeding ground for diversity and innovation; I want to find the new, extreme approaches that are developing and flourishing here, and explore the frontiers of human wellness they claim to conquer.

    Understanding the Adolescent Brain
    by Erica Westly
    This project will consist of pieces that explore the idea of adolescence as a unique stage, both biologically and psychologically. Some stories will describe specific psychiatric disorders that affect adolescents, such as social anxiety, while others will be about how newer research technologies like neuroimaging are being used to figure out how teens think and make decisions.

    Culture and Health
    by Alexander Imparato Cotton
    Culture is intimately bound with health. One of the main goals of public health research is to uncover and explain health disparities between different cultural or ethnic groups. It is well known, for example, that blacks and second generation Latinos fare worse than whites with regard to heart disease, various cancers, HIV, and obesity. At the same time, first generation immigrants largely have better health than non-immigrant, white Americans. Additionally, some cultural practices ascribed to by gay men place them at heightened risk for HIV. Medical and social scientists collect data to try and tease out the causes of these disparities. The debate is often contentious, and explanations range from differences in health insurance access, to varying genetic susceptibilities, to different cultural practices or environments.

    by Adam Graham-Silverman
    Some basic info:
    My blog, global AIDS, development and travel: a luta continua
    My resume

    Selected Clips:
    Global AIDS:
    Poz Magazine: Jagged Little Pills
    Brooklyn Rail: New HIV Testing Guidelines: Don't Ask, Don't Tell
    Gay City News: Toronto AIDS Conference Targets Bush
    Gay City News: AIDS Protests at the United Nations
    Poz Magazine: Bill and George in Toronto
    Poz Magazine: HIV Testing in Botswana
    Slate: Fighting AIDS in Mozambique
    The New Republic: Wrong Dose: Bush's Drug Plan
    Salon: Big Pharma's Free Ride

    From Congressional Quarterly:
    CQ Budget Tracker sample (pdf)
    Politics and Profiles(pdf)

    Criticism and Other Writing
    Econo: Myths to Hold Steady By
    PopMatters: Viva Los Elvises
    Econo: Expiration Dates: A pre-Katrina tour of the Delta (part 1 of 3)
    The New Republic: Politics and Film

    Time Magazine: What Now For Our Feverish Planet?
    Time Magazine: Running from the G.O.P. in New Jersey
    Time Magazine: Ghana's New Money

    Organ Donation and Transplantation
    by Lela Moore
    Medicine and ethics cross - and often become hopelessly tangled - over the issue of organ donation. My work explores both my personal experience and relationship with a transplant recipient as well as the ethical issues surrounding donation and transplant surgery.

    Women, Cancer and Community
    by Jasmin Malik Chua
    After graduating from NYU with a master of science in biomedical journalism, I began work at MAMM Magazine, the only national consumer publication devoted to women with breast and reproductive cancers. As assistant editor, I assign and edit stories, copy edit, fact-check, and wrangle articles from cancer journals into a more reader-friendly form for our lay audience, so that complex science and policy issues can be made accessible to everyone.

    During my time in the portfolio program, I worked on the similarly convoluted issue of children's mental health, with a focus on the state of New York.