The Times, They Are A'changin'

Johnson touched on the partnership between Hotsoup, an online political blog start-up, and Also mentioned was how Fox News and CNN had lined-up bloggers to provide additional coverage for Mid-term elections. So, the landscape is becoming interestingly mingled and mangled.

The democratization of the media, as I often call the current ascendency of independent journalists, equiped with cameras, recorders and passports and uploading news content via blogs, vlogs and podcasts, is still a new and weird phenonmenon major networks, newspapers and media conglomerates still haven't got a handle on. Primarily because technology is so far in front of all its potential applications that "what's next" hasn't even been worked out -- yet.

It may not be too far in the future, or incomprehensible, that the evening news will be delivered by a fantasy avatar. I personally would think it cool to have a smashingly beautiful diva with pink hair, large purple eyes and translucent wings deliver the days events to my phone. Ah, but maybe later.

For now, it's the dark suits and power ties, framing tan faces and bleached teeth, that are the faces Americans are to trust on the evening newscasts. Go ahead, partner with blogs and make with the "we're so hip," but, twenty-two minuts can't possibly contain all the news for one day, and, the internet is always there.

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