Oh, Fox News, Why Are You Such An Easy Target?

This short editorial is an interesting look inside the world of Fox News, though it certainly doesn't reveal anything new or unknown. Nonetheless, it's still worth noting. A Fox News internal memo was leaked on the Huffington Post, telling reporters to be on alert for celebrations among Iraqi insurgents, after the Dems won the House and Senate and Rumsfeld resigned. So what does Fox News come up with?

It is interesting to note, however, that on November 9, the day the memo was released, on the Fox News show "Live Desk," host Martha MacCallum claimed that there are "some reports of cheering in the streets on the behalf of the supporters of the insurgency in Iraq, that they're very pleased with the way things are going here and also with the resignation of Donald Rumsfeld."

For anyone who has seen "Outfoxed" or even done any sort of research on Fox News, you would probably know that these daily memos are common practice, as is the use of non-specific terms such as "some reports." Yet it's still funny to see that Fox keeps using these same practices, which not only reveal their clear bias, but also their lack of real fact-based reporting.

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