Attribution Retribution

The Media Research Center - "America's Media Watchdog" - has found in their analysis that the media has been softer on Nancy Pelosi than it was with Newt Gingrich when he, and the Republican Party, took control of Congress. I found myself nodding, and thinking, that probably is true. I might be wrong. There may have been more dirt on Gingrich and Pelosi very well may be the doting grandmother she is made out to be. Personally, the reason I think that they may have been softer on Pelosi is because I tend to be, well, conservative in much of my thinking. But, the Media Research Center, by many, is well know to be conservative in its leanings, and funding, and so on and so forth and that is what I think should be front and center.

Likewise, the Center for Media and Public Affairs analyzed pre-election news coverage from the Big Three and found, as the headline for their piece read, "Mid-term Coverage is Bad News for GOP". The piece was also referenced by at least one other source, The Cybercast News Service. It wasn't mentioned, however, that the Center for Media and Public Affairs also has conservative foundational roots and is seen by many as right leaning. What was mentioned, in detailed but subjective research, was that news coverage overwhelmingly reflected favorably on Democratic candidates and less so on Republican ones. Perhaps it was, maybe it wasn't. Parading as neutral when the truth is far from that, however, detracts from the analysis.

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