MJ Disappointment

Michael Jackson performed "We Are the World" for two seconds at the World Music Awards angering critics who thought he was going to be performing "Thriller". It's interesting to me that when journalists cover entertainment stories... even on CNN they always have this negative tone. Not that I care about Jackson's performance in the least but why is caddy journalism tolerated when dealing with celebrities? I am not talking about publications such as US Weekly or television stations like the E! Channel that we expect to present horrible journalism for the shock factor but the CNN.com article was just ridiculous. I looked at other notorious celebrity publications and all of them presented two sides... people who are excited for a Jackson comeback and those who aren't. The CNN article was condescending and flat out rude. It even mocked Beyonce's short speech in support of the singer. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions but writing in a negative biased tone- no matter the subject- has no place in journalism.

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