White Sex Sells

Did anyone catch a glimpse of the November 21st cover of New York Magazine? It pictures about 15 naked people strewn about on the floor in an orgy – a predominantly white orgy. There is one dark skinned guy in the bunch – he looks Hispanic but I very well could be wrong. No one else in the group has any distinguishing ethnic features.

Is this supposed to be a representation of New York City? - Because if so it completely missed the boat. The story “Mating: The State of our Unions” serves as the opening act on the topic. In it is written “if you put the word out on the street that you’re casting for an orgy, voila! The next day, twenty gorgeous young strangers will show up at a downtown photo studio…” yeah, I’m sure it was that easy.

The photo is unrealistic in terms of population since there is no one overweight, extremely hairy or overly unattractive. But to give the magazine an iota of credit they have captured the blonde, redhead, short-haired-female and the shaved-head-guy. Pfew!

Perhaps the photographers could have been a little more conscious and choosy as to who was being represented in the cover photo – but that’s what sells.

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