Teen People vs Teen Aryan Singing Duo

You may have heard of the 13-year-old twins who make up “Prussian Blue”- a white pride musical duo whose website links to Aryan unity groups and publishers.

The Daily News has reported that a story about the Hitler loving Euro trash duo has been nixed from Teen People after a protest outside of Time Warner.

The last thing these talent-less girls need is publicity of any kind. The story was yanked after the protest led the editors to investigate the reporting and found out that a junior employee promised the girls mother, April Gaede, that certain words would not be used in the story.

I'm sure you can guess what "kinds" of words Gaede didn't want to be associated with her daughters, even though they're true. Gaede home schooled the girls and one can only assume that their upbringing has spawned their radical racial mentality.

According to the story in the Daily News,

The freckled twins from Bakersfield, Calif., call nonwhites "muds" and play a video game called "Ethnic Cleansing." They wear tartan plaid skirts and Hitler smiley face shorts - and croon songs that glorify the Third Reich.

A song called "Sacrifice" praises Hitler deputy Rudolf Hess as "a man of peace. He wouldn't give up, he wouldn't cease. He gave his loyalty to our cause."

I’m sure this is just the kind of role models parents want their children reading about in magazines. Teen People did the right thing in pulling this story – but I wonder if a demonstration hadn’t been organized to protest in front of Time Warner if the magazine questions on the story would have materialized. I would bet money that the article would have been published.

In any case, points go to Teen People for excercising some common sense. It's nice to see that the media hasn't totally lost their scruples.

Here are some links to a couple of Prussian Blue music videos. I'm including them so you can see for yourself how ridiculous they are.

video 1 video 2

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