Inside the NYPD
Discrimination Dogs Minority Officers

by Suzanne Farrell

Driving While Black
The Problem of Racial Profiling
by Tamara Cella

Bensonhurst 2000
Eleven Years After Yusef Hawkins
by Jennifer Marino

Invisible Women, Silent Suffering
Eating Disorders Aren't Just a 'White Woman's Thing'
by Mashadi Matabane

A Growing Problem
Race, Class and Obesity Among American Women
by Mary Ferguson

Reporting on Race and Class
Turning Marginal Issues into Public Conversations

by Sarah Lolley

Who's Who Among NYU Speakers
by Anya Estrov

The Face of Shame
Embarrassment Plays a Key Role in the Low Rate of Minority AIDS Testing
by Laura Vialva

Bringing Home The Vote
The Story of the Fight To Give Homeless Americans the Right To Vote
by Sasha Stumacher

Race, Class and the Digital Divide
Closing the Technology Gap for Disadvantaged Americans
by Cindy Chew



by Amanda Cantrell


by Carmen Llona

by Sara Cagno


by Michelle Simonelli

by Wendy Wilson


by Matt Pacenza

by Mary Kate Frank

Project 1000
Getting Minorities Into Graduate School
by Vanessa Theiss

A Tale of Two Districts
How Could Two Schools Located So Close to Each Other Be So Different?
by Sarah Dillon

Trapped Between Two Worlds
Minorities Reflect on Prep School Experience
by Melanie Shortman

Editor's Note

The stories in Diversity or Division? Race, Class and America at the Millennium were written by students in Prof. Brooke Kroeger's graduate and undergraduate feature-writing classes and Prof. Pamela Newkirk's honors undergraduate reporting seminar. Web pages were produced by graduate and undergraduate students in Prof. Lamar Graham's on-line reporting and magazine classes. Photographs were provided by members of Prof. David Handschuh's photojournalism class and copyediting by students of Prof. Sonia Jaffe Robbins.



How a residential and commerical boom is spurring a 'Second Renaissance'

Why tension is brewing between longtime residents and new African immigrants

How racial bias has impeded efforts to save the neighborhood's historical landmarks

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Donor Bias
Critics Say West Shows Double Standard for African, European Disasters

by Catherine Langevin-Falcon

Going Global
Freedom Forum Scholars Offer Perspectives From Colombia, Peru, Romania and Russia

Family Ties? Descendants of Thomas Jefferson Gather for an Unconventional Reunion
by Stephanie Slepian

Prototype for Revolution
The Lingering Legacy of the Black Panthers
by Sarah Morin


NYU Journalism Profs on Race and Class

Diversity Training
Plenty of Business for Diversity Trainers, But Not Much Changes
by Brent Lamberti