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Political Cartoonists, the Endangered Species

By Matt Ozga | Mar 21, 2005
With staff positions at newspapers dwindling, cartoonists adjust to survive.

The Past Tries to Stay Alive in the Trendiness of Soho

By Dana Lerner | Mar 2, 2005
Bob and Kenn's Broome Street Bar remains a popular spot for locals despite the changing face of Soho

Democracy on a Silver Platter, and No One is Biting

By Riva Froymovich | Jan 31, 2005
Even with high membership numbers, still faces challenges attracting consistent community involvement.

Not a Grande Frappuccino as Far as the Eye Can See

By Erin Obourn | Dec 20, 2004
Brooklyn neighborhoods hold on to their native coffee shops. Photos and essay by Erin Obourn.

Bill Batson and the Subway People

By Stephanie Wargin | Dec 16, 2004
For 20 years, Brooklyn artist Bill Batson has drawn quick portraits of New Yorkers as they ride the subway. Now on display at Ripple in Prospect Heights, Batson's works capture a captivating piece of life in the city.

Protest Pens and Mass Arrests: Where Do We Go From Here?

By Kersten Swinyard | Dec 15, 2004
Looking back at summer 2004, the months that kept political activists very, very busy, it's difficult to assess the true impact of the efforts to control protesters during the Democratic and Republic National Conventions. Did the NYPD's sweep of protesters do any good? Did Boston's free-speech zone adequately balance protesters' rights with security needs?

Answering the Call

By Christy Boldenow | Dec 13, 2004
RightRides, a group operating in Williamsburg, Greenpoint, and the Lower East Side, offers women free rides home during the often-dangerous late-night hours.

Landscape of Dissent

By Aaron Parsley | Dec 8, 2004
The election over, New York continues on. Still, signs of dissent linger on the landscape. Photos by Aaron Parsley

The Hopeful Downtrodden

By Riva Froymovich | Dec 8, 2004
An optimist who dedicated a year of his life to the Kerry campaign finds the silver lining.

Thousands Protest SOA

By Patrick Mulvaney | Dec 2, 2004
More than 16,000 gathered at the main gate of Fort Benning, near Columbus, Georgia, to speak out against the US Army's School of the Americas.

Reflections on Wig Burning

By Geraldine de Puy | Nov 30, 2004
Several months ago, Orthodox Jews in Borough Park and Williamsburg burned their wigs after a rabbinical ban on the source of the hair. What they might not know is that the Hindu ceremonial process from which the wigs originate is not that different from their own religious practices.

Re-thinking the Jargon

By Erin Obourn | Nov 22, 2004
Professors and students at NYU dissect the post-election narratives.

Accuracy GOOD, Bias BAD

By Dana Lerner | Nov 18, 2004
AIM's Cliff Kincaid explains why he knows best.

The Cost of Change

By Alexandra Schulhoff | Nov 15, 2004
Analyzing the success and failure of Tony Kushner's Caroline, or Change.

In Post-Election America, Activists "Return" to Iraq

By Erin Obourn | Nov 15, 2004
With the presidential campaign no longer an issue, progressives are once again focusing on the war in Iraq.

Gay Community Reacts to Nov. 2 Defeats

By Aaron Parsley | Nov 11, 2004
The gay community in New York rejects blame for a Republican Victory and looks to the future with a vision of hope.

The Divided States of America

By Sarah Davidson | Nov 8, 2004
New Yorkers respond emotionally to their disconnect with the rest of the country in the presidential election.

Pennsylvania Volunteers Frustrated by Disorganization of Democrats

By Maria Kolesnikova | Nov 8, 2004
Busloads of New Yorkers traveled to the battleground state of Pennsylvania to volunteer on Election Day, but some volunteers questioned whether they were used effectively.

Covering the Coverage

By Aaron Parsley and Erin Obourn. Additional reporting by Elle Govea, Sandra Ogle, and Stephanie Wargin. | Nov 8, 2004
While the networks had their differences, Election Night proved to be an exercise in cautious journalism.

Election Day in the Cradle of Liberty

By Patrick Mulvaney | Nov 2, 2004
Kerry's margin of victory in Philadelphia could sway Pennsylvania — and the nation — in today's presidential election. And that margin depends almost solely on turnout.

Protests Already Planned for Nov. 3rd

By Duncan Moench | Nov 1, 2004
Democratic supporters will take their fight to the streets if Kerry is not the clear victor.

Alexandra Pelosi: Media Star and Media Critic

By Elle Govea | Nov 1, 2004
Filmmaker Alexandra Pelosi can't decide whether she's for or against the media — or for or against the presidential candidates.

Sam the Voting Machine Man

By Becky Enchelmayer | Nov 1, 2004
Sam Cunningham, a head technician over voting machines in Manhattan for 22 years, plays an indispensable, yet often forgotten, role in elections.

The View From Democracy Plaza

By Sandra Ogle | Oct 27, 2004
See Rockefeller Center transformed into Democracy Plaza, an outdoor, interactive exhibition in celebration of democracy and citizenship.

Making a Quick Buck While Disarming Bush

By Riva Froymovich | Oct 27, 2004
For one college dropout turned entrepreneur, making and selling anti-Bush paraphernalia has proved very lucrative.

In a Climate Defined by Money, Charles Lewis Digs into Politicians' Pockets

By Christy Boldenow | Oct 25, 2004
From the Center for Public Integrity, Charles Lewis tracks billions of dollars in campaign cash as it moves through the backdoors of American politics.

Shooting for a Bush Re-Election

By David H. Ellis | Oct 25, 2004
In the Democratic stronghold of Manhattan, George W. Bush does have some fans--at least at the Westside Rifle and Pistol Range.

Chasing the American Dream

By Mark Hazlin | Oct 25, 2004
One immigrant voter talks about the economy, the war, and why Bush lost his vote - but just until his next customer.

Art in the City: The Voting Booth Project

By Erin Obourn | Oct 20, 2004
At Parsons School of Design, voting booths from the 2000 Presidential election in Florida have been transformed into art.

Small Farmers Criticize Presidential Contenders For Lack of Ag Focus

By David Puner | Oct 20, 2004
At the Union Square Greenmarket, local farmers reflect on the meager selection awaiting them at the ballot box this November.

The Monk and the T-Shirt

By Janelle Nanos | Oct 20, 2004
In this political high time, a Tibetan New Yorker makes his living selling anti-Bush T-shirts, hats, and buttons. But behind his stand of merchandise, Tenzin has a story.

Making a Choice

By Cristi Hegranes | Oct 18, 2004
After struggling through an abortion, one woman becomes a pro-choice activist — and pro-Kerry.

A Mission in Jeopardy

By Becky Enchelmayer | Oct 18, 2004
The Bowery Mission's work could suffer if Bush loses re-election.

On the Trail with Matt Bai

By Sandra Ogle | Oct 14, 2004
Matt Bai, a campaign reporter for the New York Times Magazine, views journalism as another form of public service.

E-Voting: The End of the Recount?

By Erin Obourn | Oct 12, 2004
New voting technology could produce new nightmares.

New Documentary Makes the Case for Gay Marriage

By Aaron Parsley | Oct 11, 2004
As filmmakers continue to explore politically charged issues, from war and peace to voting rights, Brooklyn's Jim De Sève speaks out for gay marriage in Tying the Knot.

New York Democrats Take Their Fight to a Swing State

By Matt Ozga | Oct 7, 2004
With Pennsylvania up for grabs in the race for the presidency, 150 New York Democrats spent a Saturday canvassing through the suburbs of Philadelphia, home of the ever-important undecided voter.

Can South Asians IMPACT the Vote?

By Erin Marie Daly | Oct 6, 2004
On the National Gandhi Day of Service, volunteers engaged South Asian Americans in political dialogue in hopes of registering voters.

Turnout Is Key on the Streets of Philadelphia

By Patrick Mulvaney | Oct 4, 2004
Kerry could have a hidden advantage in the battleground state of Pennsylvania.

Muslim Community, Daily Prayer and ... Politics?

By Cristi Hegranes | Sep 29, 2004
Unlike most of New York, for some Muslim Americans, the presidential election is not a hot topic of debate.

For Daily News Columnist Errol Louis, All Politics Is Local

By Aaron Parsley | Sep 27, 2004
Errol Louis, a political analyst and public watchdog, shares the scoop on covering the local scene in New York.

Kerry Talks Policy at NYU

By Charles Hack | Sep 21, 2004
President Bush "misled, miscalculated, and mismanaged every aspect" of the war in Iraq, Kerry told a receptive audience of more than 1,000 students.

On the Trail with Philip Gourevitch

By Erin Obourn | Sep 20, 2004
Philip Gourevitch, a staff writer for The New Yorker, has spent the past several months covering the presidential campaign, or as he calls it, "a gigantic moving TV set." In a recent visit to NYU, Gourevitch spoke candidly, and at times critically, about the media and its role in the battle for the White House.

Bush Versus Kerry, With a Side of Tuna

By Ian Daly | Sep 20, 2004
With the presidential election looming, every corner of New York City hums with political debate. On the dank edge of the East River, one reporter finds some salty characters.

Bicycles Serve as Protest Tools at the RNC

By Melanie Capiccioni | Sep 14, 2004
Dissenters on bikes swarmed city streets to protest the convention. Unfortunately, some innocent by-pedalers got swept up when the NYPD cracked down.

Baby's First Protest

By Kersten Swinyard | Sep 14, 2004
The next generation of political protesters hit the streets during the Republican National Convention—many of them still in diapers.