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Innocent Ignorance: How the U.S. Media Failed Us

Members of the NYU community discuss how poor foreign coverage has crippled our ability to understand the attacks. more>>

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Does Extra Security Make it Safe?

Can ID cards and metal detectors guarantee safety to the scared tenants of The Empire State Building? Rebecca Skaroff reports on the effectiveness of the extra security measures taken at New York City's tallest standing skyscraper. more>>


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Putting Duty First and Education Second

A look at students who are enrolled in the US Army Reserves, awaiting their
call to action. more>>


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A Day in the Office

Many firms had to re-locate after their offices at the World Trade Center were destroyed. But some employees are finding it difficult to move on. more>>


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For two weeks, students tracked a variety of stories related to the 9/11 attacks.
They compared stories in both digital and print media, making note of differences
and similarities in writing styles and coverage.

Xaviera Silva, November 15, 2001 "The story has moved to The New York Times International section, it is written as a feature, titled "Out at the Ranch, Guests from Russia" by David Sanger, and is not breaking news. There have been no further developments for Bush's cause; in fact, the story is all about Bush's efforts to give Putin a little Texas hospitality, in hopes of swaying his vote. Being a native Texan, I find this a little offensive, because not everyone in Texas lives on a ranch, barbecues, and eats pecan pies..." more>>


Special thanks to Laura Lorber, Chris Knoebel @ CareerJournal.com, Maggie McLean @ Oxygen.com and Jodi Kantor @ Slate.com for their contributions to the class, and Robert Gibson for his wonderful help with photos for this webzine.


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