Piercing is a Way of Life?

By Daria Shlyakhina and Anastasia Osipova

Many young Russian people in Rostov-on-Don like to gather at a club called Podzemka (which translates into “underground”). The piercing festival is just one of the many events in which they find ways to express themselves. As this video shows, each has his own opinion about what piercing represents. Daria and Anastasia were on location to capture the event.

Watch “Piercing is a Way of Life?”

Bad Boys: Reporting Russian Police Part 2

Yana, my translator, and I went to the police station at 11 p.m. on Friday night to go on a ride-along with Sergei Nickolaevich Aleksandrov, the lieutenant of the Rostov police, in the hopes of catching the underage “offenders” that infiltrate Rostov’s clubs late at night.

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Bad Boys: Reporting on the Russian Police Part 1

After spending the night with the Russian police I can honestly say that it is something everyone should do once in their lifetime.

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Being Prepared, Rostov-style

Clean cut, straight A’s, conservative - these are my stereotypes when I think of the Boy Scouts.

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Rostov Artists

Some members of Union of Rostov Artists say that perestroika changed their lives: they say it’s the worst thing that could have happened to them.

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Blogging: The New (New, New) Journalism?

Is blogging the new (new, new) journalism? RAJI participants discussed this question and more during a morning session.

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Rostov Sites

By Ella Zolotukhina

Rostov-on-Don was founded in 1749 as the Custom-House and became a city only in 1807.

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Dacha Details

By Julia Lyashenko

The dacha is a Russian phenomenon, but it can mean different things to different people.

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Night, light, life...

By Yulia Partolina

It’s the dead of night. Headlamps, intellect, speed and adrenaline are in full force. A chemistry student, a bank clerk, a top-model, and an editor of a newspaper gather. You wonder what I’m talking about?

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Lost (and found) in translation

Ruthie and I knew that, to accomplish our reporting and teaching goals in Rostov, we would need to work with translators.

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So You Want to be a Russian Supermodel

Russia is definitely not the country to come to if you harbor any insecurities about your bulging thighs or pudgy stomach. Women here seem to wake up perfectly tousled, ready for a night on the town, even at noon on a Tuesday. Americans are not so lucky, or at least not these two, who have spent the last week stuffing their faces with Russian sweets as they scan the eye-candy of Russian women that populate the streets here in Rostov.

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Who are you and why are you here?

On Thursday, the Russian journalism students finally had a chance to ask the Americans, “Who are you and what are you doing here in Rostov?” Read on to find out more about what they discovered.

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Freedom to pierce

Ruthie and I tagged along to watch two of our colleagues, Dasha and Nastia, report on a story about a piercing festival in the Selmash region of Rostov.

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Fake smiles and bears on the street

On Thursday, Ruthie and I joined our Russian colleagues for an honest discussion about the stereotypes that we hold about each other’s countries.

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Welcome to Year 4!

Welcome to the fourth year of the Russian-American Journalism Institute.

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