For High School Cheerleader, Missteps and Remorse

Ashley Evans, until January a cheerleader in her senior year at August Martin, should have graduated five months from the day that she and six other teenagers, including her boyfriend Rudy Fleming, allegedly accosted Nicole Dufresne and her friends on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Instead, she will likely join the ranks of students expected to drop out. Go to Article »

On Lower East Side, Crime & Caution Rising

Since the murder of 28-year-old Nicole duFresne who was shot to death on a Lower East Side street, already cautious residents have become even more watchful. Some visitors say they avoid going outside after dark. Others wonder if the police are doing their job. And still others say they must employ their wits more than ever to keep from becoming crime statistics. Go to Article »

West New Brighton: Slipping Through the Cracks?

For many youths in the West New Brighton Houses on Staten Island, hardship is a way of life. Rudy Fleming, the lead suspect in Nicole duFresne's murder, is just one of the many teens caught in a social and economic bind. Go to Article »

Actress and Playwright in Forefront of Gentrification

Nicole duFresne was playing a familiar role when she moved to Greenpoint, an upstart neighborhood in Brooklyn. She became a textbook example of a gentrifier as an artist who both lived and worked in neighborhoods in the throes of gentrification. Go to Article »

In New York, Rising Teen Drop-out and Incarceration Rates

Experts say programs are sorely needed to address rising teen drop-out and incarceration rates of New York's minority youth. Go to Article »