A Fresh New Way of Serving Fruits and Juices

NSAWAM, Ghana – Many juice companies have tried to create the perfect juice but no company has created such a fresh fruit and freshly squeezed juice as Blue Skies, primarily located in Nsawam, Ghana.

“We are producers of fresh cut fruits and freshly squeezed juices,” said Chairman and co- founder Anthony Pile, 66, a United Kingdom native. In 1998, Blue Skies began operating with the help of an investor named Seth Dei, 68, a local from Ghana.

Dei is extremely well known in Ghana, especially for his finding Leasafric in Ghana in 1993 and later being elected as President of the African Leasing Association in 2001.

“I was lucky to meet Anthony. He gave me an opportunity to invest,” said Dei. “We have similar views on many things.”

Over the years, Pile has been able to improve this company and help it grow; starting with 36 employees and now having 1,900 employees in Ghana. “We have factories in Ghana, Egypt, South Africa and Brazil,” Pile said. They send out their products to numerous countries all over the globe, mainly England.

The fruit used for the products at Blue Skies is picked that day. Pile said, “We try and supply a fresh cut and freshly squeezed product. We were the first to do that.”

Once the fresh fruit is picked and cut, the fruit is packed in the country of origin. This makes Blue Skies different because the fruit is not shipped overseas and processed elsewhere. Their fruit is always fresh from harvest.

Besides the great product Blue Skies delivers, they also provide a safe and enjoyable atmosphere for their employees. “The company provides every person one hot meal a day,” said Eunice Yeboah Afeti, 35, the assistant technical manager at Blue Skies, a local from Ghana.

Afeti’s work ethic has rewarded her with multiple promotions. “I’ve been here 12 years. I was able to grow with the company,” said Afeti.

Blue Skies also provides health care for their employees. “Our doctor we use here is five minutes away,” said Ruth Adjet, 44, the general manager at Blue Skies, a local from Ghana.

There were not many competitors when Blue Skies began operating with their unique idea, although, one company in Ghana, named Peel Fruits Company, has been Blue Skies’ biggest competitor, even though the effects are extremely minor.

“Peel Fruits Company is our only competition but they sell just to Germany and they run a very different model,” said Pile. “Competition has kept at bay because of the risk factor.” It is difficult for businesses operate with the challenges of getting the fruit out on time.

Since the beginning of operation, Pile has helped with the improvement of Blue Skies but he does not want to stop the growth of his company. “We sell local juices here but we want to expand,” said Pile. “My goal is one day to get our fruit to the United States.”

It is clear to all of the people involved with the company the enormous influence Pile has made on Blue Skies. Dei said, “Anthony kept the company alive and vibrant. It is nice to visit here and see them want to work.”