Officials evaluate a precarious building in lower Manhattan
Photo: Christopher Ditto Black Skyline: NYC Under Fire


09/11 8:48 AM: Our Voices

It's partly a chronicle of our nightmare: how it looked, what we imagined, what we did next. But in the anthology 09/11 8:48 AM: Documenting America's Greatest Tragedy, the first book about the terrorist attacks, NYU students, faculty and alumni also write about how the attacks changed our city, our psyche and our future.Click here to read more, and to order



New Yorkers' Democratic Symbols

by Jay Rosen

The view from the frozen zone

Death haunts the suburbs, too

We are not the enemy: being Muslim in America

A familiar enemy

Is this what journalists do?

Voices of a New Generation

An Offering in Blood?

Eyes on the prize


Originally broadcast, live, on September 20, "The Terror and How We're Coping" is archived for viewing here.

A special project by NYU journalism students, overseen by Director of Broadcast Journalism Marcia Rock, "The Terror" is a probing, powerful look at the attack on the World Trade Center and the NYU students, parents, and faculty who felt its shockwaves.

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