Crumb Eyeball Blowing Minds  1965 -1972; The East Village Other. The Rise of underground comix and the alternative press.

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vol .04 no .24
May 14, 1969

Letters to the Editor
WBAI: Strange Interlude by Lita Eliscu
Eisenhower Years by Bill Hutton
CCNY Ruckus Persists, but Goals Seem Unclear by Eli B. Enzer
Artists’ Protest Makes Progress by Alex Gross
The Women’s Crusade by Claudia Dreifus
Decomposition by D.A. Latimer
Better Bubbles by Dr. Schoenfeld
Kokaine Karma by Bob Rudnick and Dennis Frawley
Tales of R.V.M. Comix by Algernon Backwash and Spain Rodriguez
Non-Art-Event by Lil Picard
Review of Rap Brown’s ‘Die Nigger Die’ by Abbie Hoffman
Renaissance Music by Joel Melz
Interview with Abbie Hoffman by Jaakov Kohn
Wheel and Deal

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vol .05 no .13
March 3, 1970

We’re Going to Dance on your Grave, Motherfucker! by Mike Gold
Courting Insanity by Renfreu Neff
Charlie Frick by Charlie Frick
A Joyful Noise by James Lichtenberg
Cocaine by David Cramel
Thilm by Lita Eliscu
Poor Paranoid’s Almanac by Allen Katzman
The Night the Cops Got Whupped by Ray Schultz
Who is Being Eaten? by Alex Gross
Wheel and Deal

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