Twelve NYU undergrads in Professor Jay Rosen’s spring 2015 class, “The Future of the New York Times,” have been looking into efforts at the Times to find a secure and sustainable future in a radically changed world for all media companies. (Fuller description here.) The first task they undertook was to try to classify all the major efforts the Times has underway to prepare the institution for what is ahead. So far the class has found 13 distinct efforts of this type. (Descriptions here.) On this tab the class has listed the key articles for understanding each of the 13 future-facing initiatives. No resource like this has existed online— until now.

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The audience development team


The mobile imperative


Heavier reliance on subscribers


The in-house native advertising studio


Making the New York Times into a global product


Development of sub-brands that excel in their niche


Building out the web platform and a sophisticated CMS


Expansion into video


Live from the Times: events, conferences and courses


E-Commerce: The New York Times Store and Journeys


Reorganization of the executive corps and newsroom leadership


Research and development: NYT Labs


Culture change: overcoming a print vs. digital divide





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