Twelve NYU undergrads in Professor Jay Rosen’s spring 2015 class,“The Future of the New York Times,” have been looking deeply into efforts at the Times to find a secure and sustainable future in a radically changed world. They have pored over what has been written on the subject. They have heard from people who work at the New York Times—and those who recently left it. And they have learned from other close readers of the institution. Now they are ready to share some results of their work with others who are interested in the future of the New York Times. The first task was to classify and describe all the major efforts the Times has underway to prepare the institution for what is ahead. So far the class has found 13 distinct efforts of this type. They are described on the “future-facing initiatives” tab. On the links page is a list of key articles for understanding each of the 13 major initiatives. Next up: the class will be reviewing products that are themselves “future-facing.”

What is the future of the New York Times?