Bessie Liu’s Revised Pitch


COVID 19 cases in Colorado seem to have disproportionately affected Latinx communities – especially when related back to the population per capita. Latinx people make up only 21% of the entire population in Colorado.

A possible reason that this is the case is that Latinx people tend to live in households with multiple people. Further, populations which usually have a lower median household income, or live in communities which may not have reliable access to healthcare, are also more likely to be affected by the coronavirus.

According to the Latino Leadership Institute, the median age of Latinos in Colorado is 27 compared to 42 for non-Hispanic whites, an age significantly younger and supposedly less susceptible to suffering serious COVID-19 consequences.

I would examine why COVID-19 has infected such a large amount of people in the Latinx community in Colorado, and examine how many cases translated into deaths, and how many people recovered.

I would also examine the age of the people who have died to see if it is mainly with an older population, or if a younger Latinx population is also being affected.  I am curious about how the virus may have been transmitted – is it work-related or the larger families? – Would look at wage data and the total number of people in the household.