Portfolio was founded five years ago in order to help NYU Journalism graduate students learn how to develop a coherent, well-reported body of work. In the fall of 2009, its work will continue within the new Literary Reportage concentration. Applicants interested in pursuing the kinds of pieces published by Portfolio students should apply directly to Literary Reportage.

During the transitional 2009-2010 period, select students from other programs and concentrations may still apply to participate in the Portfolio writing seminars. Acceptance will depend on the strength of your application and the space available to non-Literary Reportage students.

Shomial Ahmad
Muslims in the Melting Pot

"A Muslim woman living in Texas once told me, 'We are the misfits here. We are the misfits back in Pakistan.' She was reflecting the anxiety of belonging familiar to many first-generation immigrants. My portfolio explores the ways Muslims are becoming a part of America, and yet, how they increasingly feel pressure of being Muslim after September 11th."
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Freda Moon, Writer & Reporter: Mental Health: Policy and Law
Maria Kostaki, writer, editor: Russian New York
Eric Hynes, Writer and reporter. : Art Is Commerce: Tracking the New Economy of Culture
David Puner, writer / reporter / generalist: Retirement; Rust Never Sleeps
Matt Frassica, Writer (edit): New York, Open City: Contesting the Commons
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