Sam Krystal’s Visualization Intro/Outro

Preface: I made an unwieldy grouped together visualization, I will write my intros & outros for the bottom two graphs.


1 . (I will revise this to be designed like the top viz)


In the graph below, we see that hospitalization rates of Black Nebraskans, represented in the teal bar, sit at some of the lowest rates per capita (will be evident revised) of any racial demographic in the state, xx value which I will calculate.



In the graph below, Black Nebraskan Covid-19 cases are represented by a teal line. Since August 9th, 2020, Black Nebraskans have had the highest Covid case incidences of any racial minority that the state tracks, though it should be noted that white and ethnic Hispanic case numbers far exceed that of the Black population. As of November 25th, 2020, there were 3,462 documented Black Nebraskan Covid cases.