Covid-19: Now Three Times Deadly for Black People in NY

  • Over 50% Hope ‘in the dark’ for Vaccines 

For black Americans in New York, coronavirus now resurfaces at three times deadly the state average in their neighbourhood. Their brothers, sisters, family members and relatives are being killed more than in the early days of the pandemic. Their immunity to fight back is weak and help seems far beyond even when it is now near. This is not a prose but the untold story of black Americans and the pandemic in numbers.        Excerpt.

“Black health should really matter now” said Marian Brooks – as New York now returns to covid-19 and the enormous toll it’s taking on people of color.

Brooks is a community health official with African Health Coalition – a non-profit organisation based in New York City. She is worried that black and communities of color may not get early access to covid vaccines in the state.

She is calling on the state government to adopt a holistic approach in the distribution of the covid19 vaccines stating that communities of color would need the vaccines as soon as they are available in the state because of the enormous death toll among the people.

“If the black communities are disenfranchised in getting access to covid-19 tests, hospitalisation, and personal protection equipment your guess is as good as mine on what is likely to happen when the vaccine is made available to the state.

Covid-19: Now Three Times Deadly for Black Folks in NY

“As soon as the vaccines are going to be out there, who’s going to be the first set of people to get them?.

I really want the government to know that black health really matters and should not formulate a policy that would deprive nor restrict people of color from getting access to the vaccines without delay.”

Brooks added criticisms of policy. “Any policy that is against the black community in getting early access to covid-19 vaccine in spite of the disproportionate effects that the covid-19 pandemic had had on the community is not healthy for the state.

“The black communities make up about 26% of the population in New York City, and account for over 44% death from the coronavirus pandemic. Data rolled out by both government and private health officials since early into the pandemic and till now that the virus resurfaces are indications that infection and mortality rate is most among the people of color. I want goverment not to discountenace those reports.”

New York has reported race and ethnicity data for 0% of cases and 90% of death. But the virus now kills black and Latino people in the metropolitan state at nearly three times the rate it is killing the white people, latest data from Covid Tracking Project reveals.

“The black communities make up about 26% of the population in New York City, and account for over 44% death from the coronavirus pandemic.

According to the data, the death rate for black American in the city is about 284 people per 100,00; and the rate for the Latino population is 222 per 100,000. For the Asian/ pacidic islander it is 134 per 100,000 and the white people with the lowest the record of 97 per 100,000 people.

Those disparity numbers were scaled by the total number of each group living in the state by the collaborative volunteer-run effort to track the ongoing covid-19 pandemic in the United States. Every day, the independent research group compiles the latest numbers on tests, cases, hospitalisations, and patient outcomes from US state and territory.

Nationwide, in the United State, through the first week of December, Native Hawalians/Pacific Islanders were most likely to have the highest number of covid-19 with 5,295 cases per 100,000 people. The covid-19 Tracking Project revealed that American Indian/ Alaska Native followed as the second most likely to have contracted the virus with 4,373 cases per 100,00 people. Third on the order of infection cases by race and ethnicity data was the Latino group with 3,365 cases per 100 thousand people.

For black Americans, despite having the likelihood of 3,091 infection cases per 100,000 people, the group nationwide has the highest likelihood of mortality rates with 116 per every 100,000 people. The black people rates overtly doubled the likelihood at which white people died at 59 per 100,000 people. The virus also kills black Americans three times more than the Asian people which has the lowest covid-19 infection record of 1,353 in every 100 thousand cases and a death rates of 59 per 100,000 in the country.

“Yes, the disparity reflected longstanding and persistent economic inequalities and differences in access to health care in the state,” said Larry James in a media chat. Mr. James has been a frontrunner in Black Health Matters – a platform that provides information about health and well-being from a service-oriented perspective-with lots of upbeat, positive solutions and tips, including health among others.

The Black Health Matters official had reasons to link the rate of the covid-19 death to the health history of the balck community in United States. “There have been clear inequalities,and clear disparities in how this disease is affecting people of our city. The truth is that in so many ways the negative effects of coronavirus — the pain it’s causing, the death it’s causing — tracks with other profound health care disparities that we have seen for years and decades,”

He was also of the view that the chances of people of colour getting first hand of covid-19 vaccines in New York should be broadened stating that “the vaccine should be distributed down to the poor of the poor neighborhoods and this means the government have to put in place effective and efficient distribution networks.

“There are lots of undocumented people in this community and I strongly feel if there are less data requirements such as proof of identities such as  – Social Secuirty Number- passport number or drivers licence this would help people in the neighbouhood to get access to the vaccines.

“I am afraid though how this is going to work out because I understand the federal government’s position, this however puts a save our soul call on the state government to defend people that don’t have those types of identifying numbers. Once enough people receive effective vaccines against the novel coronavirus, the end of the pandemic may be in sight.”

Though the state government had said about one hundred and seventy thousand (170,000) first batch doses for coronavirus vaccines would be delivered to the state by the 15th of December but had explained that the doses would not be made available for people until summer in 2021.

New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo had reportedly noted that efforts were underway to ensure the vaccines once delivered are stored safe before being made available. “It will be expensive to distribute, store, deliver, and provide a vaccine, and the federal government is putting the burden on the states, which have received little to no funding, and are already facing budget cuts on essential services,” he said.

About 58% of older adults aged 50-80 are high risk individuals in the priority groups for covid-19 vaccines in New York – The results from a new poll conducted by University of Michigan on Healthy Aging also identified individuals who work directly with the public in healthcare and other professions, people with underlying health conditions and weak immune systems as possible priority groups


Why White Americans are 41% Safer than Black Folks in Florida

INTRO:  The current data on coronavirus infection and mortality rate has shown that the unequal burden for life among people of race and ethnicity is 100% real and an extremely diverse human society aiding the pandemic scourge strives in Florida.         Excerpt.

The data shown in these charts are reported by the state or territory and do not include those with race classified as “Other” or “Two or more races.” Hispanic or Latino ethnicity may include any race.

That the black Americans are now more likely unsafe is a fact the deadly coronavirus pandemic has scaled up by 59% in Florida. This is at a time when the white Americans are 41% safer from being killed by the virus.

The data obtained over the weekend about the state from Covid-19 Tracking Project on Infection and Mortality by Race and Ethnicity showed people of color risk coronavirus complications more and disproportionately die than the rates for the white people appears not not unnoticed by people in the state.

 “There is no clinical evidence that people of color have genetic or other biological factors that make them more likely to be affected by the deadly coronavirus pandemic,” saidWilliam Marshfield, a public health practitioner.

He fielded questions on why people of color get sick and die at disproportionate rates in Florida.

“They are more likely to have underlying health conditions,” he explained.

More updates on the Covid Tracking Project has also shown that while Hispanic/Latino people are more likely to have contracted the virus compared with other races, Black Americans are more likely to have died of COVID-19 in the state.

White Americans are 41% Safer than Black Folks in Florida as at the first week of December, 2020.

Covid Tracking Project, a reputable and independent research group, also revealed a likelihood of 5,138 cases per 100,000 Latino people in the state with a death case of 82 per 100,000 thousand among the group of people.

The dataset, which is often updated every two weeks, also revealed that 97 people die out of every 100,000 Black folks with covid infection. It also warned about the possibility of 3,840 cases of COVID-19 among every 100,000 individuals among the group of people.

In Florida, out of every 100,000 white people with the virus, unfortunately 59 people may not survive it. The number of deaths is 41% less than the percentage rate at which black people die of the same infection in the same state.

“Those numbers are scaled by how many numbers of each group live in the state,” Alice Goldfarb, CRDT Lead at Covid-19 Tracking Project confirmed in a chat.

As at the time of filing this report, the Covid Tracking Project data indicated that Florida has reported race data for 79% of cases and 96% for deaths, and it also has ethnicity data for 74% of cases and 92% of deaths through the first week of December.

Why White Americans are 41% Safer than Black Folks in Florida

“Having certain conditions, such as type 2 diabetes, increases your risk of severe illness with covid-19.”

Marshfield, the public health practitioner, has emphasized that where people live and work affects their health. And over time, these factors lead to different health risks among racial and ethnic minority groups.

“Where you live and who you live with can make it challenging to avoid getting sick with COVID-19 and be able to get treatment. For example, racial and ethnic minority members might be more likely to live in multi-generational homes, crowded conditions and densely populated areas, such as some part of Brooklyn in New York City and somewhere like Palatka in Florida and this can make social distancing difficult,” he said.

Palatka, unfortunately, ranks as the poorest place in Florida thanks to a combination of low pay and a lack of jobs. The city of 10,291 people averages the 1st lowest median household income in Florida and the first highest in poverty rate.

“More worrisome is the type of work most of the hardworking minorities do.” Marshfield said, stating that this also may contribute to balck/Africans risk of getting covid-19 than the white people who do most of their work in the confine of their safe and comfort zones.

“Many people of color have jobs that are considered essential or can’t be done remotely and involve interaction with the public. According to the Centre for Disease Control(CDC) nearly 25% of employed Hispanic and Black or African Americans work in the service industry, compared with 16% of non-Hispanic white workers.

In United States, through December 04, black American people are more likely to have died of coronavirus. And people of colour are getting more infected

“Black or African Americans also account for 30% of licensed practical and licensed vocational nurses. Many people of color also depend on public transportation to get to work. These factors can result in exposure to the virus,” he further explained.

Speaking further Marshfield noted that lack of access to health care is rampant among members of racial and ethnic minority groups and that this is not just common in Florida but likely in every other states in America.

He noted that the black Americans are more likely to encounter barriers to get access for health care, such as health insurance explaining that qualitative health care should right for all as every individuals would need to keep healthy status to guard against being covid19 sick.

According to the Centre for Disease Control only about 6% of non-Hispanic white people were uninsured, while the rate was nearly 18% for Hispanics and 10% for non-Hispanic black people.

Marshfield was of the view that racism may also play a role on health risks of the black communities stating that the stress of dealing with racial discrimination can take a toll on your body, causing early aging. “And this is a proof link to underlying conditions, which can increase the risk of severe illness with coronavirus.

“All of these factors — underlying health conditions, dense living conditions, employment in the service industry or as an essential worker, access to health care and racism — contribute to the impact of covid-19 on people of color.”

“But these are long-standing issues,” he added.