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The Cure for Cocaine

An experimental new vaccine will soon make that white powder as mind-altering as air

The Child Soldiers

Returning the youngest warriors to normalcy

The Secret Life of Your Social Security Number

Someone may have used your Social Security number to obtain credit -- with every intention of keeping up on the payments. Even weirder, you may never find out.

The Sins of the Father

Cantankerous, proud and devoted to helping immigrants, Father Justin Lucio's singleminded sense of duty led to overblown charges of "scandal"

Older Gays Still Hesitant About Coming Out

Many find it hard to forget threat of being stigmatized

Ivan Wilzig: The Peaceman Cometh

From banker to singer, messenger of peace, and aspiring purveyor of action figures


In new "Starsky & Hutch," one 70s star makes a comeback



Crying Wolf

What spurs people to stage crimes against themselves?

Dying Without Dignity

Three in four Czechs languish in institutions before dying, say health-care workers

Make New Friends

...but beware of fakesters

Who Wants to Be a Billionaire?

Billionaires for Bush kicks off a season of protest, pranks and party-going

The Watchers

Protesting at the GOP convention? Legal observers have your back

What God Gap?

Nuns & Baptists Die-In, Balloons Fall From Heaven