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A Passage to India

"The ethnic restaurant is one of the few places where the native and the immigrant interact substantively in our society."

The Girls' Guide to Hot Rabbis and Tattooed Chefs

What does the Modern Love column tell us about contemporary Judaism?

Musharraf’s Monster

In Pakistan, independent TV is young, powerful, and biting the hand that fed it

A New Rallying Cry

Why the concept of justice - not freedom, not democracy - is becoming a potent tool for political reform in the Muslim world

In a Hearing World, a Church’s Mettle Is Tested

“We’re waiting for the young people to come and take over.”

Can Benazir Bhutto save Pakistan's President Musharraf?

After eight years in exile, former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto's return was greeted with twin bomb blasts late Thursday.

Being Juan Valdez

A "Colombian idol"-style search transformed a humble farmer into the 21st century version of TV's coffee icon. Meet the man behind the mule.

Ninja Playground

For all its seventh-generation beauty—and the game is gorgeous—Sigma plays like an arcade game, as if its life depends on killing our quarters.

Teachers: Be subversive

Jonathan Kozol, author of "Letters to a Young Teacher," talks with Salon about why No Child Left Behind squelches learning and about reading Rilke's sonnets to first graders.

Arctic Land Grabs Could Cause Eco-Disaster

After nations carve up the fast-melting region, will there be anything left?

Liberian Refugees: 17 Years in Limbo

Trapped between frightening civil war memories of their native country and an alien society in nearby Ghana, refugees linger for years in the Buduburam permanent settlement camp.

The Fundamentalist Moderate

Religious scholar Javed Ahmad Ghamidi has become a popular figure in Pakistan for his strict reading of the Koran -- which, he says, dictates against gender discrimination, terrorist jihad, and other favorites of modern Islamists

Fingers for Fighting

The Minor Leagues of Professional Video Gaming

In Pakistan, protesting goes a cappella

As things get tougher for their president, Pakistanis use a catchy pop tune to express their anger.

free 103point9: Ten Years of Transmission Arts

I’m standing in Williamsburg’s Black & White Gallery with a portable radio in my hands and a pair of headphones fit snugly in my ears.

Mosque attack adds to Musharraf woes

Pakistani security forces were readying for a final assault on the extremist Red Mosque Wednesday.

Will Cambodian food ever catch on in America?

Thai restaurants are a dime a dozen, but 30 years after Pol Pot, Khmer cuisine is still hard to find in the U.S. Why hasn't it become the next big thing?

Big Girls, Don't Cry

The fight for the right to be fat, queer, and proud.


Marlo Donald was kicked off Social Security for kicking someone almost 20 years ago. The bizarre tale of a "fugitive felon."

The Culture of Being

Transnational adoptees come of age and search for home.

Maybe Only God Can Make a Tree, but Only People Can Put a Price on It

"Trees are great for a variety of reasons, but how do you explain that to the Office of Management and Budget?"

Wat is the Wat

One thing Sambath Suen can’t abide is the cold. Until four years ago, Suen lived in Kandal, a Cambodian province that borders on Vietnam.

Liberia removing barriers to girls' education

Making schools safer is part of push to improve literacy.

Lord of the Skies

In war-torn Afghanistan, Zamarai Kamgar has built the only private airline.

Sunnis and Shiites, A Street Apart

Two mosques, two sects, face each other across Atlantic Avenue. Given global tensions, the natural questions arise.

Destination: Colombia

There's more than magical realism in the literature of this beautiful and still very dangerous country.