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Endless Summer

Unschooling is a radical branch of home-schooling where kids control what and when they learn -- free of teachers, schedules and tests. Unschoolers say it's intellectually empowering. Critics call it irresponsible.

Get Real

Illinois doesn’t directly fund sex ed in schools. But it does provide almost the entire budget of the Glenview-based Project Reality, whose abstinence-only curriculum, offered to schools for free, misleads kids about birth control and STDs.

Hearing Is Believing

Ivory-billed sightings leave field biologists wanting to hear more

Do today's kids have "nature-deficit disorder"?

A new book argues that children desperately need to be able to play in the woods -- and that our culture's sterile rejection of nature is harming them in body and soul.

The Bad Boy on the Bus: An Interview with Matt Taibbi

News: Assigned to cover the 2004 Democratic primary, Matt Taibbi found there was nothing to cover. So he fell back on his own resources. Oh, and drugs.

Gay Caballeros

Inside the secret world of Dallas' mayates

The Rainy Season in Guatemala

Guatemala 2000-02

Your SS Number Is Just a Click Away

Free Web sites offer up Social Security numbers, divorce agreements, mortgage papers and more to anyone seeking a peek.

The Making of an American

A Brooklyn pool hall reveals how to pose as a native son in 2005

Straight Story, Curved Universe

Why Michael Finkel is not Jayson Blair

What Does France Have Against Google?

A string of lawsuits and a fierce debate over its digital library project have turned Google into a symbol of cultural imperialism in France. Is it all mere coincidence, or does the land of "liberte, egalite, fraternite" have it in for the company whose mission is so decidedly global?

A Pipeline to Promise, or a Pipeline to Peril

The United States is betting the future of energy lies in the hard-to-reach Caspian Sea. With the $3.6 billion pipeline about to open it remains to be seen if the investment will show a return.

I Need You for U.S. Army

Stretched to the breaking point in Iraq, the U.S. Army desperately needs troops, but finding fresh meat has never been harder. Inside the military’s new recruitment machine.