About this project

The Studio 20 program at NYU, directed by professor Jay Rosen, offers master’s level instruction with a focus on newsroom innovation and adapting journalism to a digital economy. The curriculum emphasizes project-based learning. Students, faculty and visiting talent work on editorial and web development projects together, typically with media partners who themselves need to find new approaches or face problems in succeeding online. By participating in these projects and later running their own, students learn to grapple with all the factors that go into updating journalism for the digital era. But before they can do that they need to understand the forces that are transforming the media business and altering the way journalists work.

This project, News Literacy 2016, summarizes what the current class of Studio 20 students had to master before it could plunge into its project work. We decided to share the results with others in the journalism world in hopes that it could improve their learning curve. Each of the 11 pages provides a brief introduction to a key topic, with recommended readings, people to follow, and charts and graphs that show trends. Our goal was to save you time.

Studio 20: Digital First

See the Studio 20 program description here and profiles of our graduates here.